An LA native and CalArts grad, Timothy Garrett was raised on a steady diet of art, film, and music. He has passionately shared his artistic vision for over 15 years, seeing the world through a uniquely skewed lens.

Tim is an enthusiastic storyteller who makes dreams a reality. He is highly skilled in multiple arenas, including, but not limited to directing, visual effects, illustration, fashion, and graphic design.

Outspoken about what drives him, Tim’s most impactful influences include pop art, hardcore metal, tattoo and pin-up sub culture, hip hop, and vintage Hollywood. Since the early 2000s, Tim has continually added to a long roster of brands and personalities that seek him out. Some previous clients include Netflix, Warner Bros., Apple, Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures/Music Group, Interscope Records, Marvel Studios, Paramount Pictures, Lana Del Rey, Stussy Clothing, Lil Wayne, Cherie Currie, Square Enix, and A24 films.

Tim handles projects from ideation to creation - concept to completion. No matter your need, he is an integral asset to any creative endeavor.